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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

Behind the 8 ball with work load

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I’m not complaining, quiet the contrary.....I’m relishing in it! But unfortunately I don’t have much time to type, so I hope the images tell the story.....this being a photojournalism course, they most certainly should.......
The students cram into the Aina van for there first field trip!

Their enthusiasm to photograph anything and everything is apparent.

Our destination is the Darulaman Presidential Palace that was pounded by the Soviet, Taliban and Coalition forces over the past 24 years.

Today theory was put into practice techniques such as exposure, angles and image construction.

At first the students complained about having to shoot in the freezing conditions, but once they got into it, there was no stopping them.

We have started an advanced photojournalism course with the students who graduated from the 2006 course.

This course is tailor made to the student’s requests, and explores areas of photojournalism that they did not have a chance to study in their first course.

The aim of the advanced course is to refresh their knowledge of the finer points of photo /media

Many of these students are now working as successful freelance photojournalists or for Afghan based news agencies.

We have also started a beginners class of photojournalism in Dari (the national language of Afghanistan). My assistant Fardin is teaching the 17 new students with the same curriculum as in my English class.

The class was created so that Afghans with little English skills could still have the opportunity to participate.
posted by Travis, 9:21 am


hey trav-dawg, as always you have captured some great moments to document a small, but no less significant slice of history which you play a part in. i wish i could say that i was doing something that mattered with my life, but perhaps that will have to wait. it's very inspiring to see the effects of your tuition, your students look very keen, and seem like a pretty tight unit, they obviously have a bona-fide captain. later beardo. ben
commented by Blogger ben, 8:57 pm  
cheers bro, yeh its cool, content. dont worry your time will come. ill be home in 5 weeks and we will do beers, ohhhh will we do beers!
commented by Blogger travis, 11:15 pm  

I am a photo journalist too i work in Kaubl.
But as i know Aina , they only receive money by teaching these afghan girls and boys to get fund/Donation from the forigners .

I hope you write the true thing .What else Aina do after they Got the donation , of course the answer is to kick out them with nothing, and you people just try to cuputure what is new ideas of photgraphy in thir mind .... if you want to know who i am please contact me in this email address. ( imalphoto@gmail.com )
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