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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

MY ISAF (nato) file!

Monday, October 15, 2007

TO: CPT. P---- K----- to SSG. R--- McB-------

FROM: The Rend Group

DATE: 27 JUN 07

RE: Media Analysis

The following memorandum provides background information on Travis Beard of the Aina Media and Culture Centre.

Travis Beard is an internationally renowned photographer working in Kabul at the Aina Media and Cultural Centre. According to its Web site, http://www.ainaphoto.com/, the NGO’s vocation is humanitarian, with a focus on developing/strengthening Afghan media organizations and photojournalists. It is the first Afghan photojournalism agency and has numerous Afghan photographers across the country. Beard is one of its leading instructors. His photography and that of the students at the Aina Photojournalism Institute has varied considerably, ranging from exhibitions on dog fights and Buzkashi to ISAF and drug burnings.

Beard and his students may be interested in visiting a US military PRT reconstruction project or in viewing an ANA training session. His photos may be distributed to Afghan media. Providing access to Beard and/or his students may help cultivate relationships with future Afghan photojournalists.

Beard’s work has focused on the Middle East, Central Asia, the Americas, Australia, and Europe. His photos have been published in numerous international newspapers and magazines.
posted by Travis, 7:30 pm


Dear Trav..Not sure if my previous blog/comment dissapeared. Not to worry. It was positivexx

Congratulations. for all the hard work...i keep discovering how profound you are..Congrats on your accred..

..between you and i and mau...Notebook has a divine life..and we shall all talk.
Kabul, Palm Island, Cambodia..etc...

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