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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

We have Car Park!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Der Spiegel Interview Skateistan

For those who don't know Der Spiegel, it is a weekly German magazine with the same stature as Time magazine in the US. We took the journo down to Ghazi Stadium for a skate sesh with the Skateistan crew and showed em how its done.


The boys are at the level now in their learning where they are obsessed with landing an ollie._mg_1276b.jpg

They can get the air and look hot in a still frame.


But the next shots shows that they aint perfect the landing as of yet.

Then out of no where Massoud landed the first ever Afghan ollie and we got it on film!

And I did some funky stuff on a chunk of metal.

We have Car Park!

The next day Hameed came to my place and told me he'd found a new place to skate. We'd been kicked out of a few locations lately, so smooth concrete is a scarce resource.




The car park turned out to be a lot of fun, the ramp and curbs were as good as in the west.


We had a lot of fun teaching the boys how to ride down the ramp. Difference here is that the guard was a friend of ours, so we didnt have to do the runner every time he came down.


Hameed's determination paid off later when he landed his first ollie. Nice work bro.

Curiosity got the better of the guard and he and his mates ended up giving it a go.

So its not a skate park, but it is certainly a clean, smooth, safe area for us to skate in until the park is ready. Which we are all dreaming about and praying to the skate gods that we find enough funding to start building ASAP.
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