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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

Car Park RIP

Monday, June 09, 2008

It was a happy day for us when we found the car parking and we thought that it’s a good place for us that we can practice till we get our own skate park. For weeks Travis and us skated there and we learnt a lot in this place with smooth clean concrete. Then Sharna came back from Australia and she was so excited to see the car park we went there with her to see that place. She likes it because it was a good flat place and of course it was secure place for us. We were happy thing for us was that we were not alone to skate there we were teaching the security guards the shopkeepers and everybody who was coming there and we had communication with each other and we have guys that want to learn.

But the happy days became sad days. On the night of the pool party we met a German guy who was also very interested to skate with us. So I called the security guards that we are coming to skate and he told me that its not possible to skate there anymore….. I didn’t under stand what had happened, so I called Hamid and told him to go and check it out. Munir and Hamid went there and the security guard told them they reject us because the Boss (Police commander) said that this people cannot come here anymore because it’s not safe. They asked him if we did something wrong or did they want us to give them bakhshish (bribe) to enter the car park. The guard told us that nothing is wrong and bakhshish would not work.

We also talked to the owner of that car parking and he also rejected us, but that it was not his decision. He said that Police is not allowing me to give you permission, he wished he could let us skate but it was out of his power.

Since we started skating we have found good friends who really want to help us to build skate park in Afghanistan so that we can continue this sport. But just because of some people that may be jealous we are always stopped from having fun. We are not loosing hope and our mission to have our own, safe place to skate in Afghanistan.

If security was the real issue with the carpark, then we can tell that Afghanistan is not a place where you can have fun and it’s not a place where you can spend your holidays. Every step is a danger, but we don’t let this control our lives and stop us from enjoying this excellent sport.

Best regards
Nabil and Hameed
posted by Travis, 10:41 am


Hello Nabil and Hameed

My name is Daniel and I am a friend of Travis. I am hoping to meet you guys some time soon. I do not know for sure if this is possible yet but I am trying to find a way. Skateboarding allways seems to provoke negative reactions from authorities. Ask Travis what happens in Australia.

Best Regards
commented by Anonymous Daniel Fermer, 5:34 am  
Hi, my name is Gabriel and I'm from Germany. I just read about your plans of building a skateboard school in Afghanistan.. it seems to be a really, really nice idea, and I'd like to help as much as possible. I used to be a skater myself, and have some stuff I don't need anymore, so.. I don't know if you could give me an adress or something where I could send them? It's not much, but still, some shoes that can be torn apart by a griptape? : )
I hope this message reaches you, if so, you could reach me at this e-mail add.: gaffi_woeller@hotmail.de

Thanks! I'd really like to help!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:29 pm  

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