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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

Forbidden Music in Iran

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hello all, I am currently in Iran doing a story on forbidden music scene in Tehran. The powers that be here, have outlawed most western music (and my blog account: hence no postings for the lasts weeks, sorry!)

With punishment of imprisonment, whipping and even death (for females singing solo in public) as hurdles in front of them, there is still a healthy community rocking and rolling in underground studios.

I was here last year when a public concert was busted by the police and around 200 people were arrested. Some Iranians were detained for up to 3 weeks and the powers that be dubbed the concert a meeting of the DEVILS PRAYERS!

I have returned this year to see how the bands are faring; Some have left the country in search of stages and crowds to play their music to, while others are determined to stay here and help build some kind of music scene here.....

I was also lucky enough to play with some of the bands here.

Thanx guys, RESPECT

Tehrani's ROCK ON!

posted by Travis, 2:46 pm


Dear Travis
Can you name at least one case of death sentence? It's really disappointing how limited and especially with no proper infomation,people going to start writing. There are so many problems that people like you simply oversee and instead focus on issues which neither are relevant nor true in general. A freelance reporter's pen or keyboard shall be even more responsibie than the comissioned ones of media corporations.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:48 pm  
Travis Jaaan
I’m so sorry, after ten days of working on this story, it sounds to me you don’t know the first things about it

Pleas tell me:
How do you consider Karaj gathering as a “public concert”??
“3 weeks”?? are you sure????
Punishment of “death” (for females singing solo in public)!!!.. I’m so confused who gave you these funny/silly ideas!!

In my opinion the story is so exiting you don’t need to ruin it with these exaggerations, please check the facts before publishing
commented by Anonymous Zeinab, 1:19 pm  

im astounded, yet impressed by your comments. i dont know if it is a language barrier thing or cultural, but i think you read too much into my words.

i said with hurdles "such as" imprisonment, whipping and even death, meaning they are there as obstacles which could happen but are not impossible to over come.

Check your facts, iranian law says women can be sentenced to death for singing solo in public. this is the law. it has never been imposed and i never said it had. again it is another "hurdle" that musician have to keep in mind.

if you read the post again youll see that i made an overview of what struggles face the youth of today that want to express themselves though music. i didnt write that any of it is happening.

in regards to karaj. ok maybe my wording as "last public concert" was wrong. maybe it should say last illegal musical gethering. please check the post again and see the change

but from the numerous people i did talk to, most people were arrested for 3 days, but some of the organisers were held for up to 3 weeks and had to pay $60,000 bond.

check your facts.
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