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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

Last Moments With My Friend.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I had the priviledge to ride with Jason one week, before his death. It was a special ride because we had our largest number of members ride together. In all 11 bikes hit the road that day. It might not sound like a lot to you, but to get 11 bikes out on the roads around Kabul is a challenge and a risk in may ways.

Jason was always happiest when he was on his bike. I think for him more than anyone else in the club, it was his chance to escape work and lifes woes and be free.

Jason was our most dedicated rider: cooking breakfast at 8am (with Marius's help). Always carriing tools on the back of his bike. And he seldomly rode without the company of a female friend.

Jason was our most experienced rider, we would count on him to fix bikes and we knicked named him "Kickstart", because he could always start a bike after everyone else had given up trying.

Jason loved to go fast (I heard stories of 300kms an hour on his ninja bike in SA), so he was always at the front of the pack. But I think he not only did this because of speed, but also because he was a natural leader and guide to us all.

Jason was always very careful about security when we rode. Never wanting to spend too long in one location. He was a risk taker, but took security seriously. That is why it is such a tragedy that he died due to insecurity.

The KKMC will never be able to replace this member and we will conduct a ride of respect for him on Friday the 7th of November. Also on Tuesday 28 October at 9.00am CET (11.00am Bahrain time), work and operations in the DHL (MENAT) region will come to a brief halt, as we hold a minute of silence in the memory of Jason Bresler.

White City played a concert in Dushanbe on Saturday and it rocked! I know Jason loved our band and Im sure, wherever he is now, he was dancing to the music.


posted by Travis, 5:54 pm


Beautiful post, Trav.

You said everything we are all thinking.

Kabul is so much poorer without him.

And the KKMC would have done half as much without him.

Your comments about him being security conscious are spot on. You always felt safer when he was with the pack (leading it, of course).

R.I.P Jason

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:16 pm  
I remember when we were kids he was doing a trade in diesel mechanics, anything with engines he had a passion for. And the beating he gave his bike at the time - my poor RZ was left in the dust.

I took this off a email from him last year and this about sums it up --
“Im going via Dubai and then will head down to ZA. Cant wait to get on my bike and rip up the road. I bought a ZXR1200 and its an absolute rocket man. I have clocked 310km and thats just a mental feeling!”

You are right, he was a natural leader and probably the most confident person I have ever met.
RIP bro.

commented by Anonymous Martin Turner, 3:49 pm  
i am sorry to hear this...
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