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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

Mistaken identity..or not?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last week I received a email from an old friend from Australia. They talked about their life and what they had read on my blog etc etc.

Then they mentioned that at one stage they and another friend thought I was a undercover cop!

After 7 on the road, I returned to Australia to set up my photo-business. In the 2 years I was there, I tried to shoot some of the more interesting parts of Australian culture. One of these was the protest or left movement.

So through people I met some people, hanged out, went to meetings, went to protests and made some ok reportages (stories).

In this time I always felt that the people around me didn't really make me feel so welcome. I mean they were nice to me and we had some good times, but I never got close to any of them.....

Now I realise that this cop rumour must have been circulating the scene.....
Can you imagine me as a nark!

So I post this blog to say thank you to all those I met between 2004-2006.
To the ones who thought I was a cop, I say: "Come on!"
To the ones who didn't, I say: "Thank you, respect to our friendship."

Just last year I was offered (informally) a potential job by a Western government to work as a 'gatherer of information' in Afghanistan and the surrounding region. I told the man that I was flattered by the offer, but due to my career in journalism I would have to decline, as it would compromise my work ethics.

Still it makes me think: inside peoples minds what do they think about other people? About me? I mean for those who still are not convinced. I could be writing this blog entry now as a attempt at reverse psychology. To trick them into thinking that I'm exposing myself, only to hide my real identity even more!

To go deeper undercover. To write a mist of misleading tales. Even to the extent of spending over 2 years in Afghanistan, writing 1000s upon 1000s of words just to cloak the trail of what I'm really doing here.....

It's not impossible. Hell I'm even starting to convince myself!

Mum how well do you know your son?
Friends how well do you think you know me?
posted by Travis, 8:55 am


HAHAHH! This made me I giggle! MISS YA HEAPS!!
commented by Blogger Ellice, 4:28 am  
Oh well, i remember one episode...they said you were ...a bloody hell i can t say that...but they made me thinking as well who you are Mr Beard haha
commented by Anonymous greg, 12:36 am  
i always new you were a cop!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:33 am  
I knew you for at least 8 years, I could not found you an undercover man. Your face declare openly, who you are. I do not know why, but I always trust you, even in very hectic times of mine.
NO, I can swear that you are a very special gentelman. A very devoted special & innocent one. Let those superficials who believe on pictures, propagandas and rumors feel as easy as they want. Travis, my old friend, BEING SPECIAL IS NOT EASY, YOU KNOW IT BETTER THAN EVERY ONE.
Cheers -
FiFi from Tehran - Iran
commented by Anonymous FiFi, 7:09 pm  
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