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Wrong Wrong Wrong

Saturday, April 11, 2009

In what combat scenario anywhere it the world, can an unborn baby inside a mothers womb be seen as potential threat to the US forces conducting 'operations'?

KABUL (AFP) – Afghan President Hamid Karzai Friday slammed a US-led raid that locals said killed four members of a family as well as an unborn baby shot dead in its mother's womb.

Karzai ordered a sweeping investigation and reiterated demands that foreign troops, who are in Afghanistan to fight extremist Islamic insurgents, conduct their operations in a manner that does not harm civilians.

The US military has admitted that the four people shot dead in the raid overnight Wednesday to Thursday in the eastern province of Khost were not "armed combatants" as first announced.

The nine-months pregnant woman had survived the shooting that killed her unborn child, said a relative, Afghan army officer Awal Khan. Khan's wife, brother and two children were killed.

An Afghan health official also said the unborn baby was shot dead in its mother's womb.
posted by Travis, 9:40 am


Oh dear!!!! BUT as always they will get away with it no? The baby is just an Afghan after all... sad
commented by Blogger D, 6:48 pm  



Important reading - link 3 above.

This is the worst story this week, the world is going to notice these deaths.

I send you love and peace.
commented by Anonymous alicia bee, 4:17 pm  
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