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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

Accessing a Fortress

Monday, June 22, 2009

I was in Iran for the 2004 elections. Nothing happened, Ahmadinejad won and Iranians wondered what would be install for them. Of course I wanted to go to for this years elections, long before the elections started I had plans to be there. But circumstances made it hard for me to be there on time.

When I finally got back to Kabul and went to the Iranian embassy, I knew the answer before they even told me: NO. So I have been living vicariously through my friends and media contacts in Iran. Not only are they feeding me the material you have seen on my blog, but they are also giving me their personal feelings about what it is like to be caught inside this nightmare horror movie (see some comments below).

The other interesting development in this crisis is the clamp down on media coverage of the events. I know that even if I did get into Iran I probably would have been arrested and thrown out of the country. A horrible thought; being banned from returning to one of my favourite countries in the whole world.

Here are some links to some interesting articles about the media clampdown.





Comments from my Iranian friends:

I don't know what to say, I don't know if I want you to be here for your adventurous side or I don't want you here coz I want you alive !!!! This is really strange! I could never imagine myself in Vanak Sq. screaming for liberty! I would never ever picture myself running through gas tears in Tohid Sq !!! But I can simply picture YOU on a motorcycle wearing a Kafiye, taking pictures!!! You are more Irani than I am!!!!! Ha ha ha! I didn't take many pictures, I don't know why... but I will send you some .. I really do appreciate your support . I can't tell what is going to happen, I just wonder what is this "power" that you will kill your brother for it. "money and power" I just want to have them for a day to see if I will become a lier with bloody hands?!!! I just wonder....
I miss you SO MUCH, I can't tell how much
take care,
thank you again,

hi dude
thanx for your concern.im fine.
fine means alive, but no one is really fine here.
have u seen what those fuckers did to my people.
we know we're being watched, cause we don't exist in our own country. just take a look at our TV programs, papers, whatever!!!
we wont give up,
and we'll meet up soon in my beloved country.
sleep tight and take care of yourself.

hey buddy,
thanks for your concern.thankfully I'm OK just a little bit hurt but safe and OK. I wouldn't advise you to come to Iran these days it won't do any good. keep safe in there.

my dear don't worry i am fine , yesterday was bloody but today is
quiet people are very upset and angry and its very depressing but at
least now they realized in which dictatorship we are living,
no you can not take any photos they told us we dont have to work but

i did some not in aggressive accidents
its very depressing mood,
thanks for your email

Dear Travis
thank you so much for being so concern about us :)
I'm fine , nearly didn't go out yesterday , and im about to leave for my mothers house right now, which i dont think its gonna cause me any trouble :D
the world should hear our voice cause there are more things to come up by these guys.
UN must act quicker i suppose. God ( if there is one !) bless us all
thank you again for your concern, will write you more late

All is fine on my family’s side.
I am still a bit anxious about my father who has received “preventive” visit of Interior Ministry asking them to remain silent. Which they are not.
My older aunt is also very anxious about his son, who is serving with the army in Tehran. She is afraid that they might be called to go in the streets and fire on people.
I hope all you other friends will have good news on their side.

hi dear travis
as you know here is a mess and country is not spending good days.today is friday and there is no hope for watching how things are developing here. but anyway , thank you for your nice attention and hope to see you soon .

I just hope that next time I do try to go to Iran, my posting here don't effect my chances of getting a visa.......

posted by Travis, 10:12 am


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