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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

Positive and negatives

Thursday, July 02, 2009

This came in a email today:

well the streets are actually quiet but its because of the heavy presence of the police. where ever there's supposed to be a demonstration the police and basij outnumber the people. some parts of Tehran look like a barracks.you can feel the anger in people. they don't talk too much.they go screaming in three seconds.(including me). there are lots and lots of stories.the story of people beaten in protests is nothing new. I hear some scary stories from people who were detained. man its horrible. I wish someone could have filmed what's going on in prisons. a close friend of mine was detained. he's now released but he doesn't seem normal. I took him to a psychiatrist. they were five people three girls two boys in a cell. the floor was filled with water so they couldn't sleep for three days.they were blind folded.one of the girls were wounded and kept screaming but when ever they cried for help,they would storm in and beat them and then leave.they have told them twice that tomorrow you'll be hanged and they kept hearing screams from other cells.I have heard some similar stories from others too. I know they sound horrible and unfortunatly they don't have any proofs. but I don't know how come the international media is looking for a proof. haven't they seen enough evidence from the streets. I know these things are true I have spent two nights in jail before and I know how they treat people.
my only hope is that the world wouldn't recognize the results thats all for now.

This arrived an hour later from another Iranian:

Something amazing with the birth, and I know no one will really ever believe me, it was that when he was laying on his mother’s belly … seconds after the birth, I was leaning forward on him, his first gesture as a human being was to raise a clenched first toward my face. A little Iranian protester in the making.
posted by Travis, 4:44 pm


How did we evolve into this? Such abhorrent injustice amongst fellow human beings... thanx for being brave enough to be there and letting us know what we already knew in our hearts, power/politics and religion equals corrupt violence! Xxe
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:02 pm  

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