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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

Sex on the front line

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Female soldiers being deployed to Afghanistan have been told by the British military to carry condoms following an alarming rise in pregnancies while on tour.

Although sexual relationships are allowed in the U.S. military, they are strongly discouraged, especially in a combat zone, with warnings that they "can have an adverse impact on unit cohesion, morale, good order and discipline."

Officially, British military personnel are banned from having sex in a war zone. But, according to senior officers, a blind eye is turned if relations are between soldiers of a similar rank and do not impact operations.

An advertisement in an official Army magazine warns British soldiers to take protection because there will be an estimated “50 blokes to each woman.”

Figures show that 133 servicewoman became pregnant in Afghanistan and Iraq between January 2003 and February 2009. Condoms are already available at bases such as Camp Bastion, home to 8,500 British troops — including 700 women
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