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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

35 years on this planet we call home

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Now Im not having a mid life crisis, quite the opposite. Im in my prime and every year since 2006 things gone from better to best, so Im pretty sure 2011 will kick ass.

But, yeh it was a good day:

- I woke up at 9am [one of the fringe benefits of working for yourself]

- The sun was shinning as the snow was melting

- I checked my bank account and the US State Dept finally paid me, so that was a nice surprise

- Then there was a bomb attack at a local shopping centre:

- It was the first time I didnt rush out the door. I was like fuck it, I shot the same location last year, let some other buck journalist go and chase the bang bang

- Maybe im growing out of combat journalism [finally! :-]

- Then I spent the afternoon sending a barrage of emails regarding my Doco [cant dally now that i have the cash]

- And I ended the day with an acoustic session at a friends cafe, where we mixed western psychedelia and Afghan traditional instruments until 3 am

Happy to be 35
posted by Travis, 11:31 am


Happy 35, keep staying alive. xx alicia bee
commented by Anonymous alicia bee, 11:49 am  
Glad you had a great birthday. 35 years ago it was a really hot one and the doctor who delivered you at the Mornington Bush hospital was wearing shorts and thongs.
No wonder you have carefrre attitude to life.
xxxx Lots of love
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:30 am  
Happy Birthday!
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