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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

Survival of the fittest

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Three weeks down in the Aina P.J. course and my students have boldly navigated their way through a survival course in photojournalism. Before anyone can conquer the P.J. battlefield, they need to know how to operate their weapons. Armed with state of the art digital cameras and the artillery of Photoshop functions, will they be victorious in their first shooting....

Exploring the uncharted territory of the Canon camera, we drilled them in what the multitude of buttons and seemingly endless functions within the camera's internal menus could do for them.

My students then chopped their way through the jungles of photographic theory. Cutting up concepts such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure, white balance and the big one.... Depth of Field!!!!!!!

Even I got lost sometimes in the maze of information I had scribbled down for them. (I really need to improve my white board writing skills!)

We then pushed them out the door into the freezing temperatures of Kabul for a bit of target practice.

Lastly we brought them back into the warm class room, threw them into the deep end of the Photoshop pool and let them treed water on image controls such as image file size, cropping, colour balance and exposure levels.

This week’s class isn’t going to get any easier. My troops will have the fundamentals of modern day photojournalism closing in on them from every angle. Will they push forward and gain valuable ground or will they let the challenges of today’s media industry get the upper hand.

I think not, but stayed tuned to the next Argus blog to find out!
posted by Travis, 11:50 am


Snap away kids... SNAP AWAY. You know, Montréal has no snow right now. No snow in January. Insane...
commented by Blogger Ogami Litto, 1:15 am  
Hey, good job dude, too bad you cannot ride your Segway in that snow, mouhahaha ;), peace from Montreal
commented by Blogger Sci-Fi, 10:02 am  
commented by Blogger dada24 Xu, 7:18 am  

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