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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

Off The Radar

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hey Y'all

Well its has been too long between posts.
I found the abusive emails I got from friends and colleages demanding to get their weekly fix of Afghan perspective, quite amusing.

With all the work here at Aina Photo
(One month to our big presentation in Perpignan)
Band practice and gigs
(Militant schedules for all members)
Skateboarding lessons for the Afghans
(We are currently looking for sponsors to fund building the first Afghan ramp...)
My Dari lessons
(I've learnt how to say: Can i take your photograph? Mitanam axe bigram?)
Motorcycle riding on Fridays with the Kabul Knights
(Yes we changed the name)
My trip to Iran to shop for new equipment for Aina Photo
(Big thanks Lonely Planet)
And keeping up on the latest score in the Korean hostage crisis
(Please let em go!)

There has been no time to write these posts.
But I promise to elaborate on all of the above in the coming weeks
So dont loose faith
And stayed tuned

I think this photo sums up my current state of mania.
posted by Travis, 11:19 pm


dude!you are living the dream life of my alter-ego! machine guns, a band that actually practices a motorbike with bling... those a.j's could probably teach you a few chuck norris style combat moves too. by the time you get back you is gonna be one scary mofo! nice architectural shot with the biker in the foreground too. respect.

commented by Blogger ben, 9:17 pm  
respect right back at you bro
just doin what i do
would nt do anyless
let me know if you wana job in Archi here
loads of work!
email me next time
i hardly check these comments
commented by Blogger travis, 12:59 pm  

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