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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

A message from an old friend

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dear Najibullah Jan,
I do not know if where you are now you have a chance to see or hear these words. But if I write these lines today from Paris it is in memory of you.
At Aina Kabul, everyday from early morning till night, you were the one bringing and sharing your smile all around the centre. I still remember that day when you told me you wanted to become a journalist and learn photography. You followed the classes at Aina Photo agency and you did it with all your positive energy. You were always ready to jump and to go everywhere to take pictures as you did when bomb attacks happened in the neighbourhood. You learnt from others and you were always ready to help your friends. Aina was your second house and you were the friend of all of us. I still remember when you gave me your letters that you had written yourself in French to be sent to your friends in France. These friends that helped and supported you as much as they could, until your last breath. It was probably a strong one as you were.
Najibullah Jan, thanks so much for so much kindness in all kind of situation. We will never forget you and your smile. Continue Najibullah. Please, continue to smile where ever you are. Wish to see one day your nice smile on every Afghan people�s face.
Khoda hafez Najibullah Jan
Dimitri, former Aina staff in Kabul.

PS: thank you very much Travis to keep us posted about Afghanistan. Even, if it is sometimes for sad news. But if no news cross the borders, Afghanistan may stay for a while a lost isolated world. Good luck.
posted by Travis, 5:21 am


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