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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

A fantastic effort by some truely amazing women!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

As you may know we have two new volunteers at Aina Photo. Photographer: Karin Mayer and Writer / Archivist: Marianne Harris. Four months ago they got in contact with me about doing a volunteer position. I told them what I tell all volunteers: "Certainly! Fill out the application form and start raising awareness and donations.

In all my time at Aina Photo have never had a volunteer taker those words so to heart. These ladies slaved for the next 3 months, harassing every connection they had until they had collected over 120kgs (!!!) of computers, laptops and other tech gizmos. (Yes there was even 25 hand powered flash lights in there)

YOU LADIES ARE TRULY AMAZING, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Also thank you to Earl Bridger from Griffith University who collected a lot of 120 kgs of gear.

The ladies even threw a fund raiser, with Afghan entertainment and images of Simon Duponts work in Afghanistan. The proceeds from that night, as well as Karin's Mum's little school fund raiser will go towards future photojournalism education programs.
Thanks Mum! (Elaine)

Thank you to the boys from Wolfbyte too. Another BIG thank you must also go to the boys at DHL Kabul: Jason and Marius. These boys whipped up shipping magic. Bringing the 120 Kgs all the way to Kabul in perfect condition.

All together it was a huge success and we now have a lot well needed gear, but its stuck in Afghan customs (Please Mr Afghan Customs let us have it!)

So once again thank you to everyone involved. And a message for future volunteers: To come to Afghanistan to work is a very kind gesture. To come here bearing gifts for the locals is like being Santa Claus for a day.

(I just cant say thank you enough!!!!!!)
posted by Travis, 3:59 pm


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