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What I want for Xmas!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I really don't get into the festive season, especially when in the West. But when my friend sent me this link, I couldn't resist.

The resemblance is quite uncanny, except for the denim jeans.

Actually I don't wear checked shirts or white sneakers, so this guy is a bit of a impostor.

But he does use the same camera gear as me, so that's cool.

Check all the cool stuff that comes including.

• bbi G1 body
• Life like head sculpture
• Blue jeans, checkered denim shirt
• Scarf
• Body armor vest
• Ballistic helmet w/ TV markings
• Journalist utility vest with working pouches
• Camcorder unit with 3x video tapes
• Camera set including 3 different/ interchangeable lens
• Rugged laptop PC w/ illuminated keyboard
• Rugged Handheld PC/GPS w/ illuminated keypad
• Equipment pouch
• White tennis shoes w/ shoe laces
• ID card in holder
• Sunglasses
• Pen
• Watch

Check out the site, you might even find a clone of yourself!

posted by Travis, 3:01 pm


no crumpler bag... is he trying to get hisself killed?

taking a peek right now for tux & g&t equippped social snapper doll...
commented by Blogger Big BAD Benny, 2:05 pm  
A very funny post.
white tennies?! that's sooo news of the world..
commented by Anonymous tigergrl, 8:45 pm  
commented by Blogger 柯云, 12:44 pm  
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commented by Blogger soma taha, 11:07 am  

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