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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

Skateistan 2008, the first unofficial skate jam!

Monday, March 31, 2008

What a monumentus day!

The original skateistan crew cruised down to their ol' stomping ground, the Amani School. Where we were unfortunately told we couldn't skate in their grounds due to the rise in security levels at all school.
Hhhhmmm. They did allow us to use their car park, conveniently situated next to the presidents office though!

Hameed injured himself the night before. But he was was stoked after I presented him and the rest of the boys with their new T-shirts!

The boys jumped straight into it, with Masoud determined to land his first ever and Afghanistan's first ever ollie.

Nabil took the first fall like a true Afghan man would.

Wasn't long before the kids came up wanting a go.

Naaser from the class of 2007, took a break from his day job as a beggar to have a ride.

Then I got a call from Guinness Book of Records. Sir, we heard that you witnessed the first ever female Afghan skateboarder!

That's right....Sir, she is ripping it up, right now.

Two minutes later I got another call. Sir now they're telling us you have seen the first ever blind Afghan man ride a skateboard!

If this is what we can do, with three boards and a car park, imagine what we can do once we have the 30 boards, 50 pairs of shoes and a skate park!

What a day.....
posted by Travis, 10:01 pm


A GREAT day indeed!!

Only the sky will be the limit which - as we all know - is wide open in Afghanistan.


PS: Wonna have a t-shirt as well!
commented by Blogger mebb, 11:59 pm  
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:28 am  
OMG ! Where are Hameed's beautiful curls ??? For the rest: absolutely fantastic !


commented by Blogger Gitta, 12:34 am  
I just want to know is Hameed from afghanistan?

could he speak english?

please answer my questions
thank you

commented by Blogger Aney, 11:16 am  
Now, could I have the high rez please? ;-)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:07 pm  
I wanna t shirt too!
commented by Anonymous Linnet, 4:41 am  
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Awesome stuff trav.
very inspiring!
Can i join to your group?

I am Afghan LORD and you should consider me especial LOL

When we can meet?
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