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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region


Sunday, March 22, 2009


I don’t know if you were ‘lucky’ enough to hear the interview of Binyam Muhammad on the BBC this week, but if not then I would like to share with you one disturbing chapter of his harrowing tale.

Eithopian Binyah was detained in Pakistan after spending some time in Afghanistan in the year of 2001. He was questioned in Pakistan and Morocco then moved to Kabul, to the Dark Prison.
The interviewer asks Binyah to describes the Dark Prison, he reluctantly doesn’t want to recount his time there but he does refers to his subsequent 7 years in Guantanamo as being like a 5 star hotel in comparison.

From my experience living in Kabul I believe there is only two place they could house this so called Dark Prison: the city prison at Pul e Charki in southern Kabul or Bagram Airbase 45Km north of Kabul. My educated guess is Bagram.

The interviewer then pushes Binyah further about this less than 5 star accommodation. Binyah reveals a little about his time in this inhumane location.

The Dark Prison was a pitch-dark cell inside another dark cell, which was inside a hangar. There was no light for all the time her was there. His captors played music 24 /7. When asked what type of music they played he said it was Eminem for one month, horror film soundtracks for another month and so on. They would also play various combat sounds including gunshots etc. All of this: 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Asked did they feed you? He replied that food was served but it was inedible. Many prisoners lost teeth from breaking them on the stones and rocks inside the food. Personally Binyam lost over 30 Kgs in his time in the Dark Prison.

He was also asked if there was a toilet in the cell? He said that there was a bucket to use and if you could find it then you would use it until it was full. Sometimes you couldn’t find it and would bump into it and spill the contents, which would land on your bed. Your bed consisted of a blanket on the floor.

posted by Travis, 12:06 pm


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