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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I sent out a email to all my Iranian friends telling them to send me their messages, pics, links and I would post them on my blog:

Thank you for opening up your blog for people show the world what is going on in Iran. I know the government is censoring and cutting off communication. I wonder if any of your friends have even received your email? The blogosphere, twitter, facebook, everyone is talking about Iran right now. The momentum needs to be kept up. There is a lot of misinformation out there as well. I am glad the world can see not all Iranians voted for a puppet leader. Let the world know Iranians want change. We want to go forward not backwards...

thanks travis for your protection
hail to you dear
i'll let you know the rest of any news about recent movement in iran
thanks again

Thank you man.
Please distribute these links widely to your Iranian friends.

Due to severe blockage of communication means, it is of utmost importance to multiply information’s sources available to compatriots in Iran.

Yes, I have been glued to the internet. I wen to a rally in SF last night and plan on going to more. My mother hasn't been able to get through to Tehran in the past few days. She is worried. I haven't even let her see some of the youtube videos that I have seen. I broke down last night, some of it was so graphic. I was going to go in a month for my cousin's engagement party. It's been 9 years and I miss my family. I am holding off on anything now. Part of me really wants to go anyways, the other part doesn't want my mother even more so worried. Have you received any news? It seems that some kind of change will happen now. This is too big to just be swept under the rug.

“One medical student said he and his roommate blocked their door with furniture and hid in the closet when they heard the militia’s motorcycles approaching. He heard the militia breaking down doors, and then screams of anguish as students were dragged from their beds and beaten violently.

When he came out after the militia had left, friends and classmates lay unconscious in dorm rooms and hallways, many with chest wounds from being stabbed or bloody faces from blows to their heads, he said. The staff of the hospital where the wounded students were taken, Hazrat Rasoul Hospital, was so shocked that they went on strike for two hours, standing silently outside the gate in their white medical uniforms.”

after injuring my family member and damaging my car with the anti riots police officers
who could be fine?
who is fine here?
I will return Tehran on Sunday and cintinue joining other brother and sisters there in Tehran

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