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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

Quote of the week

Saturday, August 29, 2009

In relation to the bombing in Kandahar this week that killed over 40 people:

'We don't know what the Taliban wants from Afghanistan, and we don't know why the coalition forces are here, but things are getting worse day by day,' said Niamatullah, 30, a high school teacher.

'Sometimes rockets are fired and sometimes it is suicide bombers … even sometimes bombing by coalition forces. It looks like Afghans are created by God to be killed by human machines. We don't feel safe anywhere, even at home.'

The Taliban denied responsibility for the bombing, though the feeling among many here was that almost anyone would disavow it, given the public revulsion. Few doubted that it was the work of the Taliban.

'I am telling all enemies of Afghanistan, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, to gather one day and use all power against the Afghan people and kill us in one go,'' he said. That would be kind to all Afghans. They are killing us every day, which is painful - kill us in one go.'
posted by Travis, 12:01 pm


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