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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Late yesterday we arrived back from our 3 Day fieldtrip to Jalalabad and surrounding districts of the Nangarhar province in Eastern Afghanistan. Over 4,500 images were captured by the 9 students who attended. I trawled through them over the last 24 hours and chose the best within the endless thumbnails on my laptop.

Keep in mind that 7 weeks ago most of the students had never used a professional camera, let alone created images worthy of the international image market.

Lets see what you think.......

Images by Hameed Abyoby

Images by Zamarai Fahim

Images by Tamim Wahidy

Images by Sohrab Kabuli

Images by Tamana Wahidy

Images by Robaba Rezai

Images by Jawad Jalali

Images by Sohrab Hakimi

Images by Masoma Rezai

Later this week (when I get time), I will post the images of the trip and the adventures we found on our way, so stay tuned for more!
posted by Travis, 5:28 pm


wow, incredible pics. I´m still deply impressed by the work you do over there. Keep on going. More people should be open minded like you. L
commented by Blogger L, 1:53 pm  
These images are fantastic.

It's hard to believe they were done by students!

Can we have some more please?
commented by Blogger rosa sparx, 12:43 pm  
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