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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I want to say thank you to Mia Mala for the photos from the last post. Also I was lucky enough to have the infamous photographer Ben Crumpler at the event. His snaps were so good I had to do a second post of the nights highlights.

Fashion Parade:

Speech by Travis Beard:

Banquet by Afhgan Gallery:

Auction by Teddles

Music by Afghan Preformers for Hope

posted by Travis, 11:34 am


That is Amazing...
when you are coming to Kabul, i want to know the exact date of your arrival.
commented by Blogger Nasim Fekratْ, 4:54 pm  
Flattery got you everywhere!
Great edit old chap :-)
commented by Blogger BigBadBenny, 8:20 pm  
commented by Blogger 柯云, 12:43 pm  

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