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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

Just trying to do our job

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Part of our work here is to follow the attacks on miltary and police within Kabul. As soon as we here of attack we jump on my motorcycle and race to the scene (quite fun really).

A couple of months ago we turned up at a bombing on J'bad road (known as the most dangerous road in Kabul). For unknown reasons the British military was in control of cordening off the area. (Usually it is either the US and or the Afghans).

So as journo's we try to get close to the scene to get a good picture, sometimes you can get litterally inside the vechile that has been hit. Not on this day. The British were being quite assertive with the line that was 'not to be crossed'.

On behalf of my fellow Afghans jouno's I went up to the solider in charge to discuss why we were continually being pushed back. He told me "I am just doing my job." I replied to him with the same answer. Then he commented that it was not me that he was worried about, it was the Afghan journalists: "Any of them could be carrying a bomb for all I know." This was where I got a little defensive for my fellow local journo's and ask this solider why he thought Afghan journo's could be seen as potential suicide bombers....

At this point he became increasingly aggressive and pointed his gun at me and told me to step back. I replied "No problem, but dont point that gun at me!" He shouted back at me, "I am not pointing my gun at you! Now move back or else!"

Just this week one of those local jounro, come suicicde bombers sent me these images.........
posted by Travis, 9:55 am


In situations like that, I just remember this brilliant dialogue of “Blowup”

Jane: What are you doing? Stop it! Stop it! Give me those pictures. You can't photograph people like that.
Thomas: Who says I can't? I'm only doing my job. Some people are bullfighters, some people are politicians. I'm a photographer.
commented by Blogger Yerma, 5:03 pm  
shootem poms!
(with your camera of course!)...
commented by Blogger Oscar, 5:52 pm  
that is ridiculous
commented by Blogger Nasim Fekratْ, 8:08 pm  

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