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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

Happy 2nd Birthday to Kabul Korrespondence

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It has been 2 years since the Kabul Korrespondence (formerly Argusphotography blog) landed on the cyber-arena. In that time we have brought you many political, cultural, weird and wonderful snippets of life in Afghanistan.

The country where this was transmitted from has changed a lot in the last two years , some for the best, some for worse. But with the original vision still in place K.K. strives to bring all that is real, relevant and interesting from what we believe to be one of the most unique, yet misunderstood countries in the our world.


We hope that you have not only enjoyed, but also learnt from reading this free flow of information. And no matter how bad the situation gets here we will endeavour to continuing bringing this information to you.

See you in 2 years more time, inshallah......

posted by Travis, 11:39 pm


Love the photo..it reminds me of a boy i met ten years ago, in Holland..

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:01 pm  
hey Chi! long long time no hear... i thought id lost contact with you forever...are you still using the same email address? if you wana communicate let me know. T
commented by Blogger travis, 10:31 pm  

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