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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Or should I say Fromage! Dont read this aloud people may be listening.
I flew through Charles D'Gaulle Airport and had to go through another security check. A pleasant man with a long list told me that I was not aloud to carry (soft) cheese on board the flight!

Since when has cheese been a threat to national security? And since when has a country like France, who prides its self on having the best cheese in the world, labeled cheese in the hands of the wrong person, as a potential dangerous weapon?

Well actually I ate some pretty stinky cheese while in France, some people might consider that dangerous...

In the end I convinced the lovely baggage staff to wrap my cheeses and Salami (watch them too) in a plastic bag and load it on as under the plane luggage. I arrived in Dubai (where I write to you from now) and the cheese was there, safe and ready for consumption.

Personally I prefer Italian cheese.

posted by Travis, 12:36 am


ohhhhhhhh jeeeeeeeez

u haven't tested Iranian cheese yet, mate.
much more threatening!!!
commented by Blogger Pansys Silvaz, 6:06 am  

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