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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

My Brothers

Monday, February 09, 2009

Since living in Afghanistan I have been lucky enough to befriend some locals to the extent that they joke about it saying: "We are brothers from different mothers."

Many of my international friends here have commented on the camaraderie between us and confided in me that after being here for so many years, they wished they had such good Afghan friends.

Last month I decided to move into a new house with a recording studio. I talked to my two best friends here (Max and Massoud) and we decided to live together. There are not many internationals whom live with Afghans here. Or maybe there is just not enough.

I believe that the ever widening gap between locals and internationals could be shortened to some extent by them living together. I'm not saying that this will solve all the countries problems but it could certainly help.

So yesterday I got a email from Max, attached were some pictures of us moving into our house. I wasn't even aware that he was taking the pics. For these young boys this house is a chance to sample freedom and independence from the usual family environment they live in.

Here is to a warm and fun spring/summer in our new home (Khana)

posted by Travis, 10:08 am


Sounds like a great idea to share with locals . You must be very respected and accepted Travis.

Hope you enjoy your birthday today and celebrate with those you love.


Aunty Carmel
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:40 am  
good work Travis and hope you find more intrasting to share.
awesome keep it up
to be honest i am jealous i have been in afghanistan for ages didn't see much of afghan
i think it was my fault that i wasn't intouch with them

you are the man trav
commented by Anonymous journy, 3:17 pm  
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