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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

Weekends in Kabul

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Afghanistan is an Islamic Republic. Alcohol is forbidden but drug use is common. Men and women have nowhere to meet but interact like you and I do in our home towns. The question is. What do Afghan boys do on the weekend?

Chat with the national hero Massoud who is always up for a laugh.

Go cruising in your Toyota Corolla with treble infested Afghan hip hop blasting through your pussy stereo system.

Hang out at the City Centre shopping mall. Here you sip watermelon juice and discuss whose cyber girlfriend is going to get them out of the country.

Take your Corolla up to Tapa Bibi hill, where there is an Olympic sized diving pool that, the Taliban used to execute people.

Drop into the "Blue" billiard hall for a game on a full size snooker table and wash it down with a 7 up.

And to top the weekend off you can sneak Afghans into a NGO party (Westerner only) where the cakes are huge and the music is straight out of Eurovision.

I just can’t get enough of this country..........
posted by Travis, 6:27 pm


Well, ahhh, don't have, like TOO much fun... :-)
commented by Blogger BigBadBenny, 10:28 am  
Sounds like a Peninsula Boys weekend !!
Must take you back...
Some things ARE universal !
commented by Blogger Aunty Carmel, 4:13 am  
Nothing like a 7up on the weekend to get you going Beardy!
commented by Blogger Dom, 9:38 am  
duuuude. Sounds awesome, although the pool doesn't sound so hot. Fitzroy baths may be a bit better for a swim... I'm in England so no swimming for me!
commented by Blogger Nicola, 1:19 pm  
Good to see a Toyota Corolla with sports stearing is as hot in Kabul as it is in Melbourne.
commented by Blogger Benjamin, 7:13 am  
commented by Blogger Lin Huang, 6:13 am  
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