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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

B.I.T. (Back in Town [Kabul])

Sunday, May 27, 2007

We are one week into Stage 2 to of the Aina Photojournalism Project. It has been a week of having meetings, writing drafts, more meetings and finishing drafts. (Fun!)

The Aina President, Reza, is having a meeting with the first to graduate Aina photojournalism students, who are now all working as professionals.

Fardin, my brother in the photo department, works late at night to get images ready for a morning deadline.

Reza and I work side by side to get the Aina photographers’ portfolio ready for submission to Europe.

After working late into the night, head of the Video Department, Massoud and head of the Photo Department, myself, have a chai and a laugh.

However, no matter how much work there has been, there is always time to have a race between the two in house turtles, Omar and Osama.

A good friend of mine (name withheld) has "scored" a job at the ISAF bar. (International Security Assistant Force [NATO]) As it is located on the base, I went down to see how G.I.s spend their spare time. Not much to report !

Here is a shot of myself having a boogie to the Graphic Design department’s booming Bollywood music.

I went to the international supermarket and found a very powerful tea. It has been rumored that the Taliban carry it as a back up in case they run out of ammo.

In conclusion, it has been fantastic to catch up with all the Afghans and the result of a week’s work is that we now have an 18 point plan. This will take Aina Photo (and its photographers) to the world stage as a professional photo agency and a training centre for Afghans.


See you next week.
My new number: +93 700286215
posted by Travis, 1:22 pm


hey trav-dawg.

good to see you again. looks like you're settling back into the afghan life with style.

nice too see you found a beer supply too!


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