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Kabul Korrespondence

Fresh, factual, and funky view of Afghanistan and the surrounding Central Asian region

If my Dad finds out......

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

After seeing my friends bike "The Corolla", I fantasised about buying my own for weeks. This week I purchased my first (and last) motorcycle: "The Super Kabul". Yes that's the actual name embossed on the motor. It rides like a authentic Chinese bike should, nice and slow.

But on a serious note. My Dad in Australia is going through some heavy chemotherapy at present. Id appreciate it if you could keep him in your thoughts in the coming weeks.

I know he is fighting as hard as a Beard can.
posted by Travis, 8:43 am


Beard, the work you're doing in the 'Stan almost rocks as hard as you tee shirt, hog and haircut!
Peace and health to all Beards worldwide... BBB)))
commented by Blogger BigBadBenny, 11:53 am  
My Dad did find out !!!!
Thanks to Phil !
I just got my L's in Aus . My Honda 250 looks as "Cool" as your bike !

Thinking of your Dad and sending him positive vibes !

Aunty Carmel
commented by Blogger Aunty Carmel, 4:20 am  
Yo buv,
wicked bike,
and my thoughts are with your dad, I'm sure as you said he will fight as a Beard would...
please send him my regards...
commented by Blogger Oscar, 4:44 pm  
oh my felt fez!
commented by Blogger BigBadBenny, 8:48 pm  
I've always wanted a SUPER Kabul... of coarse I road a Kabul as a youngster... standard time-trials and track work... you know how it is Trav. After the accident they wouldn't let me near the SUPER Kabul, so I'm proud as punch, and yet a little geolous at the sight of that there scoooooter of yours.

Hope your Pa knocks that dreaded K-therapy on the head fella...
Love Benja
commented by Blogger Benjamin, 4:25 am  
hope the beard clan are all doihng well

xxx thinking of ya
love from Ro in London
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:59 am  
That's a fine piece of machinery you got there! My thoughts: Chemo sucks, but Mr. Beard is tough.

commented by Anonymous Anne Holmes, 2:48 pm  
commented by Blogger dada24 Xu, 7:16 am  

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